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Fall Yard Clean-Up

While changing seasons and fall colors can be very enjoyable, removing fallen leaves and debris from your lawn can be tedious and time-consuming. You may be tempted to forget about raking altogether, but this could put the health and beauty of your property in jeopardy.

Actually Green Landscape & Lawn Care wants to help. We offer comprehensive fall clean up services so you can enjoy the perks of the season without the work.

To learn what’s involved in fall yard clean up, or to book your appointment with our expert team, dial (970) 690-7007.

We look forward to working with you.

Discover the Extent of Our Fall Yard Clean Up Services

If you are interested in investing in fall clean up, you may be wondering what exactly fall clean up involves, we’re here to tell you.

Our fall clean up services include:

  • Raking and removing leaves
  • Weed removal and prevention
  • Aeration services
  • De-cluttering
  • Removing debris
  • Fertilization
  • Pruning and trimming

Our goal is to ensure that your residential or commercial property is looking it’s best and is prepared for the cold, snowy season ahead.

Prepare Your Property for Winter with Leaf Clean Up

While fall clean up may seem like an aesthetic endeavor, it’s actually essential for the ongoing health of your lawn. If you do not remove leaves and other debris from your property before the snow falls, they can choke out the grass by reducing proper water evaporation.

Leaves also harbor mold and fungus and can encourage pests to infiltrate your yard. These issues have the potential to kill your grass or, at the very least, impact its health in the following season.

Avoid Spring Headaches with Fall Leaf Clean Up

By hiring our fall clean up experts, you save yourself time, money, and hassle in the spring. Nobody wants to deal with a pest infestation or dying grass just as the weather is starting to improve. Our specialists understand what it takes to adequately prepare your lawn for winter and the following spring, so why put your property at risk?

Reach us to schedule an on-site consultation today.

Get a Quote for Your Fall Clean Up Services

Are you wondering how much fall clean up will cost you? Our landscapers will be happy to let you know. When you contact us, we’ll book a property assessment at your earliest convenience. We’ll survey the size of your property and estimate how long it will take us to complete a thorough clean up. From there, we’d be pleased to provide you with an accurate estimate before we get to work.

Contact Our Experts for Full Fall Clean Up

When it comes to the ongoing health and beauty of your property, why settle for less than the best?

Actually Green Landscape & Lawn Care’s experts have been helping homeowners and business owners with seasonal landscaping maintenance for years, and we are proud to offer high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective services you can count on.

Reach the area’s best fall clean up specialists to schedule an appointment today.

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