Xeriscape Landscaping in Windsor

Actually Green Landscape & Lawn Care is the foremost crew in the field of xeriscape landscaping. Our trained and experienced contractors upgrade and install lawns to conserve water and resist drought-like temperatures, season after season.

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What Is Xeriscape Landscaping?

Xeriscaping is a term used to define a landscaping strategy with a concentration on water conservation. Property owners who live in areas with little rainfall and many watering restrictions use xeriscaping principles to maintain their curb appeal even through drought-like conditions.

At Actually Green Landscape & Lawn Care, xeriscaping is our in-house specialty. We utilize a winning combination of plant selection, plant grouping, grading, mulching, and irrigation to reduce the overall water your lawn needs to thrive year-round.

Obligation-Free Xeriscaping Consultations

Meet with a Professional Landscaper

We invite you to contact our landscaping contractors risk-free. We gladly extend no-obligation consultations to all our prospective customers so that you can get an idea of how xeriscaping will benefit your lawn.

We’ll assess your landscape’s condition as it is and walk you through how we can implement xeriscaping principles to cover your lawn from front to back. 

With drought-resistant plants, you can lower your watering needs. That’s right, with more efficient irrigation and intelligent plant grouping, you can maximize the water you do use. Add some strategically placed mulching, and you can increase your soil’s moisture retention.

There’s so much that can be done in the name of water conservation—let us show you obligation-free. We’ll draw up a blueprint for action that hits your vision right in the bullseye. We’ll also put together a transparent cost estimate for you to consider before you sign off on the contract.

That’s xeriscaping done right. Book your appointment today.

Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

When it comes to choosing plants, mulch, and other landscape décor, we assure you there’s a lot more selection than you might think. Many of our clients come to us with the impression that by implementing xeriscaping principles, a rock-filled, cactus-strewn lawn is the only way forward. We’re pleased to prove our customers wrong with a plethora of colorful, vibrant products in our catalog. See for yourself today. We offer a full suite of flowers, grass, herbs, and other plants that will transform your green space into a floral oasis without the hard-hitting utility bill.

Xeriscape Installation in Windsor

When you’re thrilled with our water-wise design, we’ll jump into action to install it for you in the shortest delay. Rest assured, our crew is a breeze to work with. We’re respectful of your time and property. You can depend on us to perform masterful work with swift turnarounds. Plus, we always clean up after ourselves when we’re done.

Minimize Your Water Usage with Xeriscaping

Actually Green Landscape & Lawn Care is at your service for cost-effective, water-saving, drought-resistant landscaping. Our established company and hard-working crew use proven xeriscaping principles to create custom, show-stopping properties across Windsor—and yours could be next.

Get in touch with us to get started today. We look forward to hearing from you.