Sprinkler Blowouts in Windsor

Save yourself the headache of dealing with a damaged sprinkler system in the spring by letting Actually Green Landscape & Lawn Care winterize your property. Our experienced crew will prevent your sprinkler’s pipes from freezing during the colder months by making sure they are entirely free of water when you turn them off for the season. Our industrial air compressors allow us to efficiently and effectively blast all the water out of your sprinklers, saving you time and money in the long run.

If you want to know more, give us a call at (970) 690-7007 to speak with an expert. 

Irrigation Blow Out Assessments

Before we hook up our equipment to your sprinkler system, we make sure that we fully understand your infrastructure. By taking the time to survey your property and noting the specifics of your system, we can ensure we do the work correctly. Rushing into blowing out sprinkler lines could result in sloppy work or damage to your sprinkler network, but with us, there is no risk of that happening. Contact us to schedule your sprinkler blowout today before the temperature goes below freezing. 

What To Expect from a Sprinkler Blowout Service

Often, the people who come to us to clear out their sprinkler system have never had the process done before. Perhaps they had a bad experience the previous winter, or just recently installed a new irrigation system. If you aren’t sure what to expect, we would like to take this time to breakdown our process for blowing out sprinkler systems. When performed by a professional company, it is a fairly straightforward procedure that is guaranteed to extend the life of your irrigation network. 

Our cost-effective blowouts include:

  • Inspecting your sprinkler network
  • Shutting off the water flow
  • Opening the manual drain valve
  • Draining out all the water 
  • Blowing pressurized air through the sprinklers 

Of course, the process itself is a bit more involved than this, but this will hopefully give you a bit of an understanding of what we do. To ensure the complete removal of all water and to prevent any damage to your system, this process is best left to a professional sprinkler blowout company. And for this, there’s no better team for the job than Actually Green Landscape & Lawn Care. 

Speedy Sprinkler Blowouts

For all the effort and money that our irrigation blowouts can save you in the long run, they really don’t take up a lot of your time. Once a year, at the end of the growing season, our technicians will quickly and efficiently blow out your sprinkler pipes zone by zone. Our work is typically completed within a day and can be done with or without your presence. Do the sensible thing this season and winterize your irrigation system with the pros. Call now!

Get a Quote on Your Sprinkler Blowout 

Our team gets a genuine sense of satisfaction by helping our customers keep their landscape equipment in top condition for many seasons. What’s more, our transparent rates allow you to easily factor sprinkler maintenance into your annual budget. Reach us today at (970) 690-7007 to get started. 

Prevent damage to your sprinkler system. Call Actually Green Landscape & Lawn Care for sprinkler blowout now!