Sprinkler System Repair in Fort Collins

Actually Green Landscape & Lawn Care is your top choice for sprinkler system repairs in Fort Collins and the surrounding area. Over many years of experience, we’ve earned a stellar reputation for our skill, ability, and professional repair expertise. We overhaul your sprinklers, giving them what they need to perform like brand-new. Save time, save water, and choose us to repair your sprinklers.

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Comprehensive Sprinkler Inspections

Over time, we’ve developed an incredibly comprehensive inspection process, allowing us to find problems fast so that we can provide a complete repair to your sprinkler system. We put your sprinklers through a full stress test, checking for all signs of damage, wear and tear, and faulty functioning so that they can perform better than before.

We use a specialized inspection process to detect any problem your sprinkler system may be facing. We will assess:

  • Sprinkler head placement and condition
  • Hoses and pipes
  • Location of zone valves
  • Controller box condition
  • Water flow
  • Spray pattern and water coverage
  • Wiring system

Our inspections are extensive, intensive, and effective. By taking a systematic approach, we’re able to provide a complete overarching assessment of your sprinklers’ performance. We work methodically, examining every part of your sprinkler system to ensure they’re all ready to last. Whatever the problem may be with yours, you can count on us to get to the bottom of it.

Any Sprinkler, No Matter the Type

We repair all sprinkler systems, no matter the size, type, or condition. Automated sprinklers, manual sprinklers, soaker hoses: You name it, we can fix it.

Choose us for:

  • Rotor head repairs
  • Sprayer system repairs
  • Drip irrigation repair
  • Soaker hose repair
  • Automated sprinkler repair
  • Manual sprinkler repair
  • …and more

We service both commercial and residential sprinkler systems. We have all the tools, equipment, and professional know-how to fix any problem on any type of sprinkler. Consider us your one-stop sprinkler shop—here to take care of all your watering needs.

Add Years onto Your Sprinkler’s Life

That’s right: Our repairs won’t just get your sprinklers back to working condition. They’ll also add years to their lifespan. Here at Actually Green Landscape & Lawn Care, we believe our clients deserve nothing but the best—and we’re committed to delivering it.

We put our experience to good use, harnessing a range of time-tested techniques to restore your sprinklers so that they are ready to last. We’re proactive, looking for ways to protect your sprinklers and prevent future damage. We develop smart solutions that optimize your sprinkler system, ensuring maximum performance at minimal cost.

Our services can:

  • Extend your sprinklers’ lifecycle
  • Improve their performance
  • Conserve water
  • Reduce the need for repairs
  • Save you money

For Sprinkler Repair in Fort Collins, Choose Actually Green Landscape & Lawn Care

For quality work, smart solutions, and fair prices, we are the team to choose. We’ve helped countless customers get their sprinklers back to perfect working condition. They’ve all come to love the value of our services. Now you can too.

Contact us to book an inspection today.